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When it comes to putting together the ideal wedding music playlist, we all have one goal: Create a selection of music that’s going to make your wedding exciting and fun for you and your guests. There’s good news: When you book a professional DJ, you’ve hired an expert that has the training and experience to achieve that.
For today’s tip, I want to make planning your music playlist easier by visiting Beatmodo. Let’s see what really goes into mapping out the ideal music soundtrack for your big day.

Let’s Start with Some Numbers to Keep in Mind When Planning Your Wedding Music Playlist:

  1. The Average Wedding Reception Lasts Long Enough For 100 Songs To Be Played- That total includes dinner music, highlight dances, and dancing music.
  2. At a Given Wedding, a Total of 2.5 Hours Will Be Spent Dancing- The other 1.5 hours will be spent on entrances, special dances, toasts, speeches, and seated meal courses. The proper timeline will structure it so that we transition between calm moments and fun ones.
  3. 2.5 Hours of Dancing Means There Will Be Roughly 50-65 Dance Songs Played

These numbers are important because you might feel compelled to submit a massive list of songs. I always caution my clients that there won’t be enough time to play all of them.

Beyond that, it’s important to note that you’ve hired a professional DJ. A wedding DJ isn’t an iPod or a Jukebox. They are experienced, musical programmers. They’ve honed an ability to read a crowd and choose songs and genres they think will send your crowd into a frenzy.

When you give them a long list and say you want all of it played, you’re missing out on one of the most important aspects of what you’re paying for: their ability to read the crowd. Now your DJ will just look at your list, mix and match the songs and get you from point A to point B. You deprive your DJ of any time for creative, spontaneous moments that will elevate your celebration to the next level.

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So What Does an Ideal List of “Must Play Songs” Look Like?

I’d say 10-25 songs. That ensures plenty of time will be spent playing your personal favorites, but that the DJ will be able to complement your choices with an adequate number of songs. You should be looking to provide a skeleton- the basis for the musical journey you want to take your guests on- and then allow your DJ to fill in that skeleton using their vast expertise.

When I sit with a client to map out their music, I go over their requests and genres of music they like/dislike. That way, I know my limits. I know how to stay right in that sweet spot where you’re happy. Also, your guests have a nice variety of tunes to keep things exciting and moving. This way, my clients trust me on the day-of to make the right calls regarding music. 

Don’t forget, there are other ways for you to flex your musical muscles. You’re also encouraged to let us know the kind of music you want for the cocktail hour and for seated dinner courses.

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