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Pelite wedding and event planning - venue search
Photo Credit: Katherine Marchand

If you follow our blog, you probably know that we are enthusiasts of wedding planners. One of the wedding planners we enjoy working within the Hudson Valley is from Christofora Events. They offer a  wedding venue search service, and we think this is one of the best things to come about since sliced bread! Let’s talk about your Hudson Valley wedding venue search.

Before an engaged couple can set a date for their wedding, they first have to find the perfect wedding venue. Finding a venue can be one of the most daunting tasks of planning a wedding. There are so many aspects to consider when selecting a venue: cost, capacity, logistics, location, atmosphere, the list goes on and on.

How does the venue search service work you might ask? Christofora Events meets with each couple to discuss all of the above aspects of their wedding. Their knowledgeable team will then do research to create a portfolio of wedding venue options for the bride and groom. Once the venue portfolio is complete, Christofora Events will spend an entire day with the couple touring the venue options. They will discuss the details and logistics of your wedding day at each venue to make sure it fits into the overall wedding vision.

Audrey's farmhouse - greenhouses

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Why use their venue search service? First and foremost, this service will save you time. Their team has extensive knowledge of the wedding venues in our area. Instead of spending hours researching wedding venues online and multiple days touring locations, their team can streamline the process for you. The venue scouting service will also save you money. Many couples decide to book a wedding planner AFTER they have booked their venue and set their wedding date. Unfortunately, in this scenario most couples have already spent too large of a percentage of their wedding budget on their venue, leaving less money for food, other must-haves. By using their service, Christofora Events will ensure you do not overspend on your wedding venue. The venue scouting service will also save you stress later on. Their experienced team knows wedding logistics. They will make sure you are booking a venue that has inclement weather backup locations and will work with your wedding logistics.

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You can rest assured that their team will have your best interests at heart. After they have helped you find the perfect wedding venue, there is no obligation to contract their wedding planning services. Find out more about Christofora Event’s venue search service here!