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Should you worry about what your DJ listens to?


Hiring a DJ for wedding entertainment is an important task. It can make or break your celebration. So, it’s vital to ask the right questions when you’re interviewing possible DJs. While there are plenty of things you should ask and be interested in, there’s one you can safely cross off of your list right now: You do not need to worry about what kind of music they listen to.

Wondering why that is?

Here’s what sets a wedding DJ apart from other types of DJs out there: Wedding DJs specialize in all kinds of music, and only play the music that makes your party go crazySpecialty and performance DJs play in places like clubs, lounges, and bars. And we’re not playing for some vague group of strangers. We’re playing for you and your loved ones. That means our priority is “How do I get this group of people here up and dancing to celebrate this wonderful couple?“.  Our choices are based both on what our clients want and what plan we create during our planning sessions.

It’s your wedding entertainment, and we are providing customer service, not a performance. People don’t get dressed up to hear us play our favorite songs. We’ll listen to those later, during our drive home. When we’re on the clock, we check our tastes at the door and play what is best for you, our couple. We have the same answer any time we’re asked, “What’s your favorite music to play at a wedding?” and our signature reply is always, “Whatever packs the floor on any given night. Doesn’t matter if it’s a song we’ve played 1,000 times. If it packs our floor, it’s our favorite.

Find yourself a wedding DJ that feels that way, and you’ll be in great hands on the big day. No matter what they listen to on their own time. If you are searching for this type of DJ, reach out to us. We’d love to chat!