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Tent wedding dance floor

At some point during the early days of your engagement, you and your fiancé are probably going to have a talk where you compile a master list of potential wedding guests. Inevitably you’ll make cuts, you’ll make A-lists and B-lists (and maybe even C-lists), and you really might think that putting together your guest list is just a matter of amassing a headcount. But what if I told you there is some very valuable information that’s easy to overlook, and it’s sitting right there, under your nose?

Your Guest List Can Set The Tone

See, your guest list will tell you what kind of party this is going to be. That’s right. Your guest list will tell you what kind of party this is going to be. Ideally, you want your wedding guests to mesh nicely with the type of celebration you have in mind. It tends to lead to the most memorable, engaging, and fun weddings when your guests and your vision are in sync.

If you’re unsure what we mean, picture this: You want a wild, crazy, super high energy reception, and you have all of the best, most current dance songs on your request list. But your guest list is predominantly made up of people your parents’ age. Don’t get us wrong! Moms and dads can party hard. But chances are it’s going to be pretty tough to get a room of people twice your age to dance to your hot, contemporary playlist. So you may be accidentally creating an uphill battle when you don’t consider who you’re inviting and what that means for the music and overall feel of your celebration. Or what if a huge portion of the crowd hails from a particular country or culture, or you all have some other major shared interest? In that case, maybe this means throwing in some requests that cater to those things. There are all kinds of things one can realize when they take a closer look at who their wedding guests will be and realize it’s not just about the headcount.

Your DJ Will Find That Sweet Spot!

Of course, this isn’t to say that your DJ won’t find the perfect compromise between your picks and what will move everyone, giving special emphasis to your tastes. Any great wedding DJ can find that sweet spot, and will speak with you in advance about what you want (and don’t want) played at your wedding. This is why it’s super important to give your DJ some leeway and creative freedom so that they can improvise if your requests don’t spark the dance floor. Knowing and understanding who your guests are is an important step when thinking about your playlist. It’ll help create genuine expectations for the kind of celebration you’re planning.

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