How to kick off your Cocktail Hour the right way!

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How to kick off your cocktail hour the right way and surprise your guests! The time spent planning a wedding seems to focus more on the reception but no extra effort goes into the cocktail hour.

Cocktail hour is actually where the party starts slowly leading up to the BIG party. It’s the point of building up to the WOW moment when the guests walk into this beautiful reception and the party continues. Why not give your guest a little something to talk about during cocktail hour?

So here’s a few ideas to get your creative blood flowing!

Let’s start with food…

Think outside the box. Choose hors d’oeuvres that will WOW your guests. Of course we want them to taste amazing but presentation is just as important. You just hired this amazing chef and/or catering company why not have them be creative and do something fun and different? How about hors d’oeuvres with a drink to compliment them? Mini fish tacos with mini margaritas served in patron bottles compliment each other perfectly. It’s fun, refreshing and sure to impress your guests! It’s cocktail hour so why not pair a drink with your hors d’oeuvres. Great idea for a summer wedding too. And who says you can’t have some sweets too? Try incorporating some tasty desserts into the cocktail hour. Just something small and sweet. Mini apple cider donuts are great for a fall wedding. Another fun one is mini grilled cheese and tomato soup shooters. Great comfort food and all time favorite. Perfect for a winter wedding. Check out some of the pictures below for more ideas.

Food Dessert Cocktail HourCocktail Hour- A Perfect Blend BlogAPB Blog- Cocktail Hourmac and cheese



Drinks anyone?

It’s cocktail hour! The first thing your guests will see is the cocktail. Think outside the box and create some fun specialty cocktails for the guests and personalize them to you. Your signature drink should be fun, reflect you and fit the theme or season of your wedding. Sangria is always a favorite and great for any season. A simple lemonade with prosecco and fresh mint can be nice and refreshing for a summer wedding. Your signature drink can be as simple as taking a traditional drink and giving it a fun name, adding a pretty straw or serving it in a fun glass that the guests can take home. Check out the pictures below to get some ideas!


And what about the music and/or entertainment?

Music is a must. Do you want something upbeat and fun to start the party or classical and light? Checkout some of APB’s past wedding playlists for ideas! If you are going with some elegant vintage furniture you might want some jazz music to fit the mood. If you’re going for fun and bold throw pillows with lounge furniture you might want something more upbeat and fun. Remember music is just as important to match with your style and design. It’s essential in creating the perfect and complete guest experience. Or how about throwing in a fun photo booth to entertain your guests during cocktail hour? 

                      photo booth prop table                katie-alex-Highlands Country Club Photo Booth

                     katie-alex-Highlands Country Club      Photo booth props Highlands Country Club

Decor, decor, decor!

Furniture is a key element to decor for cocktail hour. Wow you guests with decor! Let’s toss the traditional cocktail tables and add some fun furniture! Lounge furniture has become quite popular. Depending on the space you are using you can bring in some ottomans, lounge sofas, fun throw pillows, small tables, etc. It’s a very simple way of capturing your guests attention and giving them something they haven’t seen at another wedding. Check out some of your local rental companies. There’s tons of vintage rental companies, if your style is Victorian or vintage . Let’s not forget lighting. Talk to your DJ or local lighting company about using lighting. A little bit of uplighting, downlighting or pin spotting can transform a room too. Check out some of the photos below for more ideas!

Ready to kick off your cocktail hour the right way? Contact APB today to get your party started!

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