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First Dance song

When it comes to the songs that will be played on your wedding day, few are more important than your first dance. For generations, the song that a couple shares their first dance to has become “their song”- the one that reminds them of the day they shared their vows. It’ll be the song played at milestone anniversaries for decades to come. And even more than that, it’ll be your first official act as a married couple since saying “I do,” so it’s a moment you’ll want to savor. That’s why choosing the perfect first dance for you and your beloved to share in front of all of your loved ones is so important, and we’re here to help you do just that.

1. Start With Obvious Questions

When considering a song for your first dance, you’ll want to ask yourselves a couple of basic questions:

Do you already have a special song that means something to the two of you as a couple?

Is there a song you love that makes you think of your partner?

If you discover that you have multiple answers to either of these, then it’s time for the two of you to discuss your picks further. And the good news is that no matter which song you choose as your perfect first dance, the other songs you considered can be saved for other key moments during your reception.

2. Do Some Easy Homework

Not everyone is sentimental enough to have deep attachments to songs and that’s okay. If there isn’t some song in your heart that screams “Make Me Your First Dance!” then you can always choose a song some other way by doing some fun homework. One of our favorite suggestions is to start with a theme to help narrow things down. For example: Maybe you want something that feels very vintage and classic, so you look up “Greatest Big Band Love Songs” and start clicking away on YouTube videos for the songs that come up until you find the one (and consult with your fiancé, of course!). Or perhaps you’re having the wedding in a barn, making a country song a natural fit for the general feel you’re going for with your wedding. If a general theme doesn’t come to mind, you can use any of these as a starting point as you begin to narrow down your options: Favorite Artist, Genre, or Era of Music.

It’s really helpful to give yourself a starting point when you consider the endless amount of music we all have access to these days. Once each of you has narrowed down your Top 3, then it’s time for the two of you to sit down, listen to each song from start to finish, and see which tune sparks the most joy for the two of you, as Marie Kondo would say.

3. Check Out What’s Trendy

It happens every year. Some pop artist somewhere releases the song you’ll hear at every wedding. If you’re Ed Sheeran it might happen twice a year.

Trendy songs are tricky because there’s a reason they’re trendy: They’re good and memorable!

And there are times when a trendy song just so happens to be the tune that makes you swoon over your fiancé, making it the perfect first dance for you. If you want a truly unique song for your first dance, it might not be the best place to start. It’s an easy way to pick something if you’re really out of ideas though!

first dance at Senate Garage

Some Final Things For You To Keep In Mind

  • The length of the song shouldn’t be a factor, as you can discuss with your DJ the right place to either invite guests to join in or to conclude the dance early
  • The tempo of the dance should be on the slower side, especially if you plan on inviting your guests to join. Otherwise, the tempo can be whatever you two are comfortable with
  • No one’s expecting you to perform, so don’t worry about having two left feet or not having the flashiest moves. This is about the two of you sharing a moment together, surrounded by all of your favorite people. This is for you, not them

And if all else fails, you can always just pick something off of one of our epic real wedding playlists you’ll find here!

We hope you found this helpful and good luck with finding your perfect first dance!