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What are your rates?

Our rates for May – October (and Holidays)  range from $2000 to $6000. Rates vary depending on venue location, length of service, add-ons & choice of DJ. 

 Our rates for November – April range  between $1800-$5000. Rates vary depending on venue location, length of service, add-ons & choice of DJ. 

How would you describe your DJ style?

We are not game show hosts and are not at your celebration to be the center of attention. We speak confidently on the microphone and are never overbearing. Our transitions from song to song are seamless and we keep the energy going by creating an epic celebration with your playlist.

How much do you talk on the microphone?

We pride ourselves on maintaining an elegant, upbeat and classy vibe. We limit microphone use to essential announcements and guidance, avoiding intrusive interruptions like repetitive “make some noise” prompts.

Will there be a DJ and an MC at my event?

Gone are the times when a DJ would bring a hype man aka MC to engage your guests and pull guests out of their chairs and teach line dances. We have one person who will act as your DJ and MC. 

How do we know which DJ we will be working with?

A personalized approach is key. Set up a time with us to discuss your preferences, details about your special day, and musical choices. This allows us to match you with the DJ best suited to your unique vision.

Can we speak to the DJ that we would be working with before booking?

Absolutely. We encourage a connection with your DJ to ensure your comfort with one of the most significant decisions for your wedding day. Simply let us know after your initial call with our team.

How do we create our playlist?

By collaborating with our couples, we curate the perfect playlist using a meticulously organized music database categorized by decade and popularity. You can customize a “must-play” and “do not play” list. On the wedding day, we fine-tune the playlist based on the energy of the dance floor and your preferences.

How involved can we be in selecting our music?

Tailoring the music to your preferences is a collaborative effort. Whether you prefer a hands-on approach or trust us to curate based on a few favorites, we work with you to create a personalized and memorable playlist.

Can our guests make requests?

Absolutely! Your DJ will exercise discretion in fulfilling requests. Our goal is to enhance your celebration by seamlessly blending guest requests with the curated playlist.

Do you provide any DJ lighting?

Lighting options are tailored to suit your desired ambiance and venue specifications. We’ll work with you to select lighting that complements the overall atmosphere.

When do we need to have our music and forms input in your planning system?

We recommend having all details and music choices finalized approximately 6 weeks before your wedding day.

At what point in the planning process do we meet with our DJ to discuss the details and music?

Your DJ will reach out to you five weeks prior to your wedding to schedule your planning meeting. In this meeting, you’ll be diving deep into the nitty-gritty of your celebration! This will include going over any traditions you are doing, discussing the timing, and making sure the DJ has the correct pronunciation of anyone who is being introduced. Lastly, they’ll help you sculpt the perfect playlist that mirrors your vibe and sets the dance floor ablaze.

Can you also help us with our ceremony?

We provide a sound system with wireless microphone on a stand and will play the songs of your choice for prelude and ceremony.

Do you have musicians for the ceremony or cocktail hour?

Yes we do, pending availability. This includes Sax, Percussionists and more!

What’s the backup plan if the DJ has an emergency?

In the rare event of an emergency, we have a network of experienced DJs ready to serve as backup, ensuring the continuity of your celebration.

What’s the backup plan for equipment failure the day of the wedding?

Your DJ arrives prepared with backup equipment on-site to swiftly address any technical challenges, ensuring a seamless experience.

What is your payment structure like?

Our payment structure is designed with your ease in mind, split into thirds to make it a stress-free journey. Your first payment is due when you’re ready to seal the deal and sign the contract, securing our DJ services exclusively for your celebration.

The second payment will be three months before the big day, giving you some breathing room while we fine-tune the musical details. Finally, the last payment is due one month before the celebration, ensuring everything is squared away well in advance, leaving you with nothing but the anticipation of the epic event that awaits.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured to provide you peace of mind and ensure a smooth and secure experience.