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Dance floor at Senate Garage

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When it comes to deciding what kind of entertainment to book for your wedding, you only have two options. A DJ or a band, because what’s a wedding without music, right? Well, if you’re currently at that fork in the road, here are some things you should keep in mind while making the single most important vendor decision you’re going to make for your wedding day. So, here are the top 3 reasons to book a DJ instead of a band for your wedding!

1. A DJ Gives You Musical Freedom

As you’re putting together your perfect playlist, you’re going to want to have the freedom to choose from all of the music that moves you. And I’ve got good news for you: A professional wedding DJ arrives at each event with a vast knowledge of all kinds of music- spanning countless genres, artists, decades, and cultures. With a band, there’ll be innate limitations on the kinds of music you can have played at your wedding because most bands can’t play a mix that goes from EDM to Reggaeton to Motown to Country to 90s, for example.

When you think about your favorite songs, chances are you have some favorites that would be pretty hard for a band to replicate. And when you consider the range of genres and eras it would take to satisfy your variety of guests, it’s easy to see that a DJ can get you anything your ears desire at the click of a button.

Senate Garage Dance floor

2. Turn It On A Dime

A wedding DJ also has the ability to turn things on a dime. A great DJ will be able to read the room and make the kind of on-the-spot changes to the music that will keep the dance floor pumping. They can look out at your crowd and decide mid-song where to go next. In such a case, a seasoned DJ can shift from, say, a pop song to a rock song; Or perhaps blend from hip-hop to reggae? DJs provide versatility and flexibility that is crucial, and that’s something that band’s simply cannot replicate. Great DJs don’t just choose the songs, but they also mix the songs. Which means they can create those perfect bridges and transitions from one musical space to another without missing a beat on the dance floor. Meanwhile, a band would have to wait until a particular song is over, discuss what kind of audible they’d like to call, and hope your crowd hasn’t sat down while they decided what song to play next.

DJ or a band - Senate Garage

3. The Price Is Right

Let’s face it. Weddings can get very expensive and great wedding bands are comprised of great musicians. Great musicians deserve great fees. So when you’re hiring a group of 5+ musicians, you’re looking to spend a pretty penny to employ all of them for your reception. When you hire a DJ, you’re only hiring one highly-gifted musical mind, which means you only spend a fraction of what you’d spend on a band. And the beauty of it is: one highly-gifted DJ you hire can play an unlimited variety of music, so you end up paying less while getting access to so much more. You can’t put a price on the value of hearing your favorite songs in their original forms, sounding exactly the way you first heard them, performed by the artists themselves.

4. Not All DJs Are Created Equal

All of this advice is based on the idea that you’re choosing between a band and a professionally trained, experienced DJ. Because not all DJs are created equal, you’ll want to make sure you find the right one for you. If you’re still in the process of interviewing vendors, then it’s time for you to contact us about chatting with one of our seasoned, professional DJs.