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Really it’s not about us…
Weddings are all about you!

A Perfect Blend Entertainment is a wedding entertainment company providing DJ, lighting, sound, and photo booth services to the Hudson Valley NY, Westchester NY, and surrounding areas.
Founder, David Nazario

How it started

Early in my DJ career, I remember helping out with other DJs at weddings and being blown away at the unprofessionalism. As cheesy as it sounds, I believe weddings are about love and unfortunately, I was seeing DJs make weddings all about themselves.

In 2009 I started A Perfect Blend Entertainment to build a DJ company that would allow couples to feel truly celebrated and make them not worry or stress on their biggest day.

Now with a team of over 10 DJs, A Perfect Blend partners with couples to choreograph the perfect wedding celebration that flows from start to finish.

What you can expect when working with us:

We Believe Your Wedding is About You

The last thing you want is a DJ who steals the attention, overtalks, makes lame jokes, and disregards the schedule you and your wedding planner created. Our job is to amplify what’s most important – the couple, their guests, and the celebration.

We Believe Communication is Caring

From the time you fill out the form on our website till the event ends, we’ll respond quickly to your needs. You could hire a friend to play songs and stay distracted on his phone during your wedding. As professionals, you’ll get a professional experience. 

We Believe in No Surprises

The DJ who is on your contract will be the DJ at your wedding. In the event anything changes, we will assign a new DJ to your event. It pays to have a great team of DJs. If a change happens, we’ll communicate swiftly so there are no surprises on the day of your wedding.

We Blend Flawlessly

With the songs you have in mind, we’ll create an epic mix, keeping old and young on the dance floor. The songs will blend seamlessly from old-school favorites to the latest mashups. Will get your guests out of their chairs, singing and dancing! Listen to Some Past Mixes

We Love a Great Dance Party

Success for us is if everyone forgets about checking their watches and the dance floor is full. Love deserves a packed dance floor!

Meet our DJs


“Silence is odd to me. I always need music as a soundtrack to my life.”

Always the entertainer, Nick has moved from dancing on his grandma’s table, singing Michael Jackson to crafting the perfect wedding celebrations so everyone, young and old, has an incredible time. As a guitar player and enthusiast, Nick understands music at a personal level and is driven by his passion for music. For Nick, it’s not just about creating the perfect wedding, it’s about creating an atmosphere that naturally feels like a celebration.

Listen to Nick


“Music is what emotion sounds like.”

From teenage disk jockey assistant to professional DJ, James’ fun-filled yet elegant events are filled with crowd-pleasing, feel-good vibes. Aside from thriving off of creating memorable events, highlights of his music career include his first music single release on iTunes and his first wedding DJ gig where he realized what a fulfilling career this would be. As a dedicated music professional who always aims to please, using the combination of music and his vibrant personality, James creates a vibrant, memorable experience for all.

Listen to James


“For me, music is all about celebrating life.”

Mario is a DJ and Bilingual MC whose passion for music goes back to his childhood. His dad raised him on epic mix tapes, which prepared him for a life of creating soundtracks for his couples. With two decades of wedding experience, there isn’t a genre or a situation Mario isn’t prepared to handle. He loves finding ways to match whatever it is you’re looking for, whether it’s a big crazy party, an intimate family brunch vibe, or anything in between.

Listen to Mario


“Music just moves my soul and I am always looking to do the same for all of the guests”

Alan has worked in the music world for so many years and has happily found himself in the wedding DJ sphere. His passion for music and knowledge of all genre’s has helped him become a top notch DJ throughout the New York Tri-State area. His secret to keeping the dance floor packed… He will never share it 🙂

Listen to Alan


“I’m a self-proclaimed wizard, lover of Middle Earth, Hogwarts, and White Walker enthusiast.”

When it comes to DJing, Mace is all about the energetic, funky, upbeat vibes. As the #1 rated DJ in the Celebrity Cruise fleet, Mace loves helping guests make unforgettable memories, playing those songs that bring you back to jamming out in your car when you were in high school. By breaking down barriers through the universal language of music, DJ Mace loves how “music is one of the only things that brings people together from all across the world.”

Listen to Mace


“He values the art of mixing various genres of music while satisfying all ages..”

Kevin’s mission is to create an atmosphere of fun memorable moments, keeping your dance floor packed during your entire celebration. Kevin’s professionalism includes a keen sense for detail and creativity, setting him apart from other DJs. He values the art of mixing various genres of music while satisfying all ages.

Listen to Kevin

DJ Cube


Jonathan Cubit has been behind the turntables for over a decade now. His love for music and knowledge of a vast variety of tunes keeps people on their feet. He knows how to have fun with the crowd. His upbeat personality along with his on air talent makes him a fun & entertaining MC. There’s nothing like a party with Cube!

Listen to DJ Cube


” I love to throw down an epic dance set that leaves every guest knowing they just had the best night of their lives.”

With an understanding that a successful event requires detailed prep, flawless mic execution, and a masterly mixed selection of music, Jesse is the total package when it comes to a wedding DJ. Growing up with a father who DJ’d Jesse fell in love with music at an early age, but it wasn’t until his success as an Editor and Producer in the television industry that he realized his true passion, creating memorable moments. The kind that truly leave an impact and take your breath away. Using this passion and his degree in Digital Music Production, Jesse has the unique ability to take dream weddings and make them a reality.

Listen to Jesse


“I’m a self-proclaimed perfectionist and dance floor enthusiast.”

Being in love with music since middle school, Peter’s drama school tech days turned into a full-fledged DJ career, creating incredible experiences through the power of music. Drawing on the impact of nostalgia and memory, Peter loves to throw songs in the mix that guests may have forgotten about and are sure to get them up and grooving on the dance floor. All. Night. Long. You know that moment where everyone is letting loose, getting totally lost in the moment? That’s the kind of event Peter creates.

Listen to Peter


"I don't always dance, but when I do, I make sure everybody’s watching"

From entertaining to attending to his clients’ needs, Dylan has always been drawn to DJing weddings. Growing up around a big family and attending wedding after wedding, he was hooked on curating playlists. Mixing tracks and seeing people hit the dance floor brings him genuine joy, making him the go-to guy for couples looking to amp up their big day with some classic beats. With his talent for setting the perfect atmosphere, Dylan ensures that every wedding he DJs becomes an unforgettable experience, creating everlasting memories for the newlyweds and their guests.

Listen to Dylan


“I can’t help moving my feet to the beat of anything funky.”

“Ivan believes that music is a universal language that when channeled properly, it can captivate all audiences. From the time he scratched his first record as a young teenager in his bedroom to holding multiple club residencies, to private parties and weddings, Ivan has always had a passion for bringing people together. For Ivan the goal was always clear, to bring people together through the power of music. Whether Ivan is behind his official set up djing a wedding, private event, or just hanging out with friends, he will be the one to get the party started and moving all night long.”

Listen to Ivan

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Celebrate all night long with A Perfect Blend Entertainment.