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Why do we have a cake cutting ceremony?

This tradition dates back to the Ancient Romans. WOW that far back! However the tradition was originally about  breaking the cake over the bride’s head. CRAZY OR WHAT?!! The custom eventually evolved with time, and today it’s more of a ceremonial cake cutting. It actually symbolizes the first task the newlyweds execute together. Similar to the ceremony kiss being their first kiss as husband and wife, their first dance as husband and wife etc.

As cakes became more elaborate and larger throughout time it was almost impossible for a bride to cut through the stiff layers of frosting without her husband’s muscle! Maybe if she could use anabolic steroid she can do it. Did you know the cake that holds the Guinness Book of World Records weighed 15,032 lbs?! No joke. I’m serious. Check it out the record for yourself. So it’s simply out of the love of the tradition that the cake cutting ceremony continues today.

So now that you know why we have a cake cutting ceremony it’s time to pick the perfect song for your cake cutting ceremony! Check out our list of the Top 25 Cake Cutting Songs here to see if your cake cutting song made the CUT!

Feast at Roundhill | Bride & Groom Cake CuttingPatriot Hills- Wedding CakeBrotherhood Winery- A Perfect Blend Entertainment

Photos Courtesy of: JacPfefVesa Photography, A Perfect Blend Entertainment

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